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The Foundations of Food Handling Course will be available starting:

Friday August 11, 2023

If you have not received a PIN and PASSWORD, please contact your stand manager or Noraxx. (see the contact us button)


Effective immediately, the CNE and Noraxx Inspections require all 2023 food vendors and staff to complete the NEW online Foundations of Food Handling course. Please note, this is a requirement for all those providing any food and beverage-related services at the CNE in 2023.

Upon successful completion of this online course, you will be asked to save and download your certificate as proof of completion. Please bring your certificate of completion to the pass office in order to receive your required sticker. This sticker is necessary in order to apply and receive your pass, and should be visible at your stand at all times throughout the duration of the event for any inspections.

Should you be unable to print your certificate, please notify staff. Noraxx and CNE will have access to your online course credentials and will be able to verify successful completion if needed.

Thank you for your cooperation and doing your part in keeping all food and beverage safe for all who visit the CNE in 2023!

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