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Food Safety Certification/ Training Request Page

NORAXX customers are able to request Canadian food handler training programs via this web portal. Study is completed and tracked online. Once all online chapters/modules have been completed all students are required to write a final proctored certification examination. The exams will be arranged locally in your area.

What to do?

  1. Select the quantity of courses from the list below.
  2. Enter in your personal information in the required fields.
  3. Click the “submit request”.
  4. If your request is approved you will receive an email with you online PIN and Password. Enter the PIN and Password at the top of this page to begin the course.
  5. If your request is declined you will receive an email with instructions.

To request a program please complete the form below.

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Qty Course
BASICS.fst® 3rd Edition (Employee level)
ADVANCED.fst® 3rd Edition (Manager level)
BASICS.fst® Review and Retest 3rd Edition (I have failed the certification exam)
ADVANCED.fst® Retest and Review 3rd Edition (I have failed the certification exam)

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Your request will be approved or declined by Noraxx winthin one business day.

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